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Name:The Fool (Sometimes called Alexander)
Birthdate:Feb 29
There has always been a Fool.
That one who laughs at those in power.
The one who is laughed at in turn.
Almost a trickster.
But not quite.

There has always been a Fool
The Forgotten remember him.
Down in the Caverns of the Blind King
Wearing motley and bells.

There has always been a Fool.
Perhaps not the same one.
As tales change, so does he,
But not his laugh, which shivers down to bone

For There has always been a Fool
Especially inside everyone
And that is why he still lives
With motley jacket and walking stick in hand

The Fool appears as a young man in his mid twenties with black hair and amber eyes. He is generally found wearing a motley Victorian era jacket and top hat. He carries a walking stick with him and walks with a bit of a limp. The sound of bells follow him being heard not quite with the ears so much as with what the ears think they should be hearing.

He can tell when people lie. He doesn't know what the lie is, why they are lying or anything else, just that they are. It's because he is the Fool and when people lie they generally end up making fools of themselves. He will point this out to them with a simple 'you lie'.

However if the person doesn't realize that they're lying then the Fool doesn't know either. It's only when they deliberately lie to him in an effort to deceive him that he knows.

He comes from the concept of the Fortunate and Wise Fool. The court jester that can speak the truth to kings without fear of being killed - generally, for even a Fool can push too much. The Fool from the Tarot is another influence as he is the ultimate questioner and truth seeker and speaker.

The Fool is from Mythology/the Tarot, and is the property of The public domain. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Orlando Bloom is not the Fool, nor am I he, his face is just being borrowed.

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